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  • Beach Boy Panos for Coitus 3

    Coitus founder and photographer Pantelis was back in his home in the island of Cyprus when he came across...

  • Coming of Age preview!

    Fabricio Bach by Herickson Laurindo. Styling by Germano Wiedermann Heres a preview of our current print issue 3 “Coming...

  • Brazilian Summer

    Continuing with the summer theme, Coitus blog brings you an exclusive shoot by photographer Ítalo Gaspar in the beaches...

  • Coitus 3 Outtakes

      Here is a little preview of making issue 3. These photos are just outtakes, the ones that didn’t...

  • Coitus 3 – Coming of Age

    The arrival of Coitus 3 is finally here with a spectacular summer issue. “Coming of Age” has every page...

  • Coitus 3 is upon us!

    It’s summer time and Coitus is coming back with a brand new issue.We are expecting the copies to arrive...

  • Skater boy

    Skater boy is a story by photographer Ítalo GasparModel Pablo Coelho @ Elite

  • City Boys

    City boys is a story by photographer Jesse Jacobs for Coitus blog featuring Francisco Escobar and Jeremy Wardlaw. Enjoy

  • My Scrap Book

    “My Scrab Book” is another story taken from the sold out second issue of Coitus Magazine. Enjoy only a...

  • Coitus Magazine model competition winner

    Following our model competition search, Markus has been selected as our winner.He dropped by for a few quick headshots...