Coitus 6 issue preview

Chris Mears by Pantelis

You have seen the covers now it’s time to see a small preview of photos and outtakes from our most packed issue yet, with more boys and more photos than ever before. This is a small sample of what to expect from inside our sixth issue.
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Diego Barrueco @ Established by Pantelis

Liam Dean @ Red by Bell Soto
Matt Williams @ Click by Joe Lally

Lloyd Daniels by Pantelis

Jon Herrmann @ LA Models by AJ Ford

Asher Flowers @ AMCK by Pantelis

Oliver Bailey and Alex David @ AMCK by Pantelis

Regan Gascoigne by Pantelis

Andre Fellipe @ Mega Models outtake by Italo Gaspar

Evan Warner @ Wilhelmina outtake by AJ Ford

Theio Maddix by Pantelis

Carson Boatman @ CESD outtake by AJ Ford

Sergio Carvajal @ NEXT by Pantelis

Jack Beran by Pantelis

Christos Birbas @ ACE Athens outtake by Antonis Delta

Jeroen @ Actors and Models Amsterdam outtake by Barry Marre

Chris Mears outtake by Pantelis

Jon Herrmann @ LA Models outtake by AJ Ford
Carson Boatman @ CESD outtake by AJ Ford

Than Morales by Pantelis

Our photos are featured in the magazine complimented with beautiful design and high resolution printing on great quality paper and limited edition 1000 copies per issue.