Coming of Age preview!

Fabricio Bach by Herickson Laurindo. Styling by Germano Wiedermann

Heres a preview of our current print issue 3 “Coming of Age”. The copies are flying out, and if you didnt get your copy yet make sure you do. Some covers are nearing sold out, and the rest are not far off. With only 1000 copies, large format and great quality print and with each issue eventually selling out, make sure you dont miss out on a collector’s item. You also help an independent magazine keep going. Enjoy the preview.

Joan Mirangels by Ben Lamberty. Styling Zamira Paladini.

Renato Ferreira By Rick Day.

Barnaby Dunn and Tom Lander by Pantelis. Styling Ben Schofield.

Alex Annand and Panos Malactos by Pantelis. Styling Ben Schofield.


Billy Morgan by Renie Saliba.

Francisco Escobar, Kenzie Roth and Zack Durham by Greg Vaughan. Styling by Lauren Edelstein.