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    Twins Haydem and Raul Guerra by Pantelis for Coitus online

    Cuban born, Spanish twins Haydem and Raul Guerra who appeared in our 7th issue are currently visiting London and…

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    Gareth by Pantelis for Coitus 8

    Gareth James Taylor gets photographed for our latest issue 8 by Pantelis

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    Boys of WAM Models by Robert0x for Coitus Online

    Coitus model turned photographer Robert0x photographs fellow Hungarian models Anthony, Gergo and Kevin @WAM Models in Budapest.

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    Francisco Lachowski by Pantelis for Rollacoaster magazine

    Francisco Lachowski is one of many models photographed by Pantelis for the new issue of Rollacoaster magazine. Here are…

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    Thomas Davenport by Pantelis – Coitus 8

    Australian model Thomas Davenport gets photogreaphed by Pantelis for the latest issue of Coitus. His cover is already sold…

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    Matias by Riccardo Slavik for Coitus Online

    Fresh from Milan fashion week, Matias @ Boom models gets photographed and styled by Riccardo Slavik for Coitus online

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    Elthon by Daniel Rodrigues for Coitus online

    Elthon @ Major gets photographed by Daniel Rodrigues for Coitus online

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    The França twins by Beto Urbano for Coitus Online

    Brazilian twins Guilherme and Pedro França get photographed by Beto Urbano for Coitus Online

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    John Tagliaferro by Wong Sim for Coitus online

    An amazing collaboration by photographer Wong Sim and graphic artist Maxwell Burnstein with model John Tagliaferro @ Fun Models…