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  • By-Beto-Urbano-(6)

    Boys of Brazil by Beto Urbano – Coitus Online

    Bruno Pity, Leonardo Brito and Renan Araújo @ 40 Graus Models get photographed by Beto Urbano in Brazil wearing…

  • image00002

    Liam in Baliboy Official – Coitus Online

    Liam gets photographed by Boom Kritsada Hasapark for Balibou official and shared with Coitus online

  • cover-preview

    Rediscover: Ten years of Coitus

    In January 2010 we launched the first issue of Coitus and a dream!

    Ten years , nine print issues and…

  • 48351340057_8cc93b3fc2_b

    Benjamin by Pantelis – Coitus Online

    Fresh face Benjamin @ Nevs models gets photographed by Pantelis for Coitus online

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    Eastside boys by Joe Lally for Coitus 9

    Barak and Hakil @ Soul Model Management get photographed by Joe Lally and styled by Matthew J Ellenberger for…

  • IMG_8188

    Freddie is a dream boy for Coitus 9

    Freddie Pearson gets photographed by Pantelis for our latest print issue 9

  • IMG_5916

    Apartment 4 by Pantelis for Coitus 9

    Appartment 4 is another story taken for our current print issue 9.
    Aidan Walsh @ AMCK Models, Jordan James, Charlie…

  • 35843563394_5286d3b150_b

    Flower power by Pantelis

    Otto @ IMG Models and Freddie @ Lenis Models get photographed by Pantelis in a special collaboration with floral…

  • IMG_1451-3

    Aidan returns to Coitus online

    Model and dancer Aidan @ amckmodels gets photographed by Pantelis exclusively for Coitus Online

  • Wam2017-9487

    Budapest Summer by Justin Violini

    The boys of Wam models get photographed in Budapest by Justin Violini for Coitus Online