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  • DEVIN-2154

    Devin by Gabe Ayala – Coitus 9

    Devin Truss @ DT Models gets photographed by Gabe Ayala for our current print issue 9

  • IMG_5916

    Apartment 4 by Pantelis for Coitus 9

    Appartment 4 is another story taken for our current print issue 9.
    Aidan Walsh @ AMCK Models, Jordan James, Charlie…

  • spread1

    Kolos is a stud for Coitus 9

    Kolos Balazs @ Wam models gets photographed by Darren Black in NY for our print issue 9

  • _MG_0262

    Fantasy motel – Giovanni Bonamy by Simon for Coitus 9

    French model Giovanni Bonamy @ Fashion models gets photographed in Milan by Simon and styled by Riccardo Slavik for…

  • 6

    Caspar by Trent Pace – Coitus online

    Caspar represented by Greg Tyshing Represents – GTR Global, & Chadwick Models in Sydney Australia gets photographed by Trent…

  • IMG_4945b

    Kailum’s coming of age by Pantelis – Coitus online

    Kailum gets photographed by Pantelis exclusively for a Coitus Online portfolio

  • LADD-6471

    Ladd by Gabe Ayala

    Ladd Malone @ Frank models LA gets photographed by Gabe Ayala for coitus online

  • 15

    Blue boy for Coitus online

    Photography: Jo Herrera
    Model: Gustavo Salazar @armodelagency

  • VITOR_11

    Vitor by Xavier Samre – Coitus Online

    Vitor Castro @ 40 Graus Models Brazil gets photographed in Rio by Xavier Samre for Coitus online

  • _MG_1243

    Matthew Logos by Joe Lally – Coitus Online

    Matthew Logos gets photographed by Joe Lally for Coitus Online